My resume

My resume



Kunihisa Abukawa

Engineer, Emerada Co., Ltd.
Funabashi, Chiba, Japan.


I worked for about 20 years at a major Japanese system integrator, mainly in the development of financial information systems for megabanks, trust banks and non-life insurance companies. After that, I worked for several companies as a playing manager, managing teams, web application/API development using php, etc., research and development using AWS cloud, and infrastructure operations such as application development for 9 years. And now I’m working as an engineer at a company that provides its own services.


  • Development of an annuity management support system for a trust bank 4 years, including the rebuild.
  • System Integration Project through Megabank Integration Development scale of more than 150 people/month (leader of the subsystem development team in charge)
  • System integration project through the integration of a non-life insurance company (Responsible for applications with a development scale of over 100 man-months)
  • Development based on manufacturer and SIer Development Methodology (SDEM), etc.
  • Website construction (HTML / CSS, Javascript, PHP)
  • Development of tools for financial engineering research, building a cloud and research environment (6 years)
  • Project Manager for the development of a major automotive telemetry system (API)
  • 20 years of experience as a leader or sub-leader in your company